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 Michelle Seals, Principal

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Michael Monroe Will Be Visiting Lakewood

Monday, April 20th        

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An Autographed Copy of His Book

Forms Due Friday the 17th For Autographed Copies.



There's still time to volunteer for Lakewood's annual K-3 Science Day on Thursday, June 4th.  We need lots of vounteers for this very fun learning event.  If you are available, please click on the link below and sign up.  Thank you!





















A Key to the Lakewood Family Calendar Events:

ASY = Assembly

FT = Field Trip

VST = Classroom Visit

REH = Rehearsal

ACT = Activity


How to read an event: 

1. Grade level involved

2. First initial of the last name of the teacher

3. Type of event from key above

4. Where they are going

*For more information, click on the event and go to "event details".


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